Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Italian Wolves need you!!

Wolves are protected in Italy, unfortunately are also farmers and hunters protected.

The Room rate for the reopening of hunting wolves

With a vote passed in silence, the Chamber's Agriculture Committee has unanimously approved a Bill which allows the killing of wolves. The horrible ragion di stato of this umpteenth barbaric isimportant to prevent damage to livestock".
This time there is no color or political ideology from attack because reopening of hunting wolves was voted by everyone, left and right, and nothing to entitle him to the ecologistsof opposition, the Bill Notes goes to the vote that will make it law.

Although the law is camouflaged as extreme solution to attack livestock, conceal the umpteenth insensitivity by our rulers to put on track solutions able to curb what it actually is a problem of nature. Allow thekilling of wolves to prevent damage to livestock is put in danger the existence of a beautiful species: Wolf.

Doing so would not include the need to manage animal an important Wolf as and is not expected to blame is the same State, who is not able to handle in a reasonable time the repayments promised farmers in case of attack of the wolves.

For this reason, we call so that this law does not ever see the light, if you agree Let's here ' your comment. More and more we can do to Save the wolves from yet another massacre.


  1. there was a time when wolves
    roamed freely across the land
    in that spirit, we take a stand
    a nation is not just made up
    of men
    its animals are also citizens
    and with that respect
    they should be treated as such
    let wolves live their lives
    thank you very much

  2. FARMERS have never liked wolves. That is why wolves are rare where farmers are common.

  3. Hello There,
    I am looking for help. I live in Italy and have just seen a wolf near to where I live. It was amazing to see a wolf for the first time. I was driving in my car with my family and it just ran out in front of me. I followed the wolf along the road for a while before it ran off into the woods. I know there are wolves in this area, but am trying to find out what tpye it was. It looked like a German Shepard sort of, but it was more grey and had a short black tail, large paws and thin legs.
    It was also big not like I had been told they were.
    Any help would be welcome