Thursday, 16 February 2012

Please help wildlife in Scandinavia

Scandinavia could have been a paradise for wild animals. There is plenty of room and few inhabitants.
Instead it is a hell for them. They are hated by farmers, hunters and Sami people and therefore close to extinction. They are hunted from helicopters, exposed to bow hunting, woundings etc.
Extreme many lynxes, wolves, wolverines and bears are killed in 2011 by licensed hunting and illegal shooting.

Wolves were hunted down and run over by snow mobiles.

Norwegians and Swedes ready to start illegal wolf hunting if wolf puppies from Swedish zoos are put out in the wild for saving the Scandinavian wolf tribe. The wolves can be set up near the border with Norway.
Bears in hibernate has been chased by hunting dogs
305 lynx killed in Sweden and Norway

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Shall Wolves be in Sweden? Please scroll down to "Ska vargen få finnas i Sverige?" and vote JA (Yes) then click "Rösta"


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  1. across the world
    creatures large
    and small
    have to run like hell
    at manunkind's call